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 Hello and thank you for visiting our Health and Safety Policy website. 

So, why are we different  to the other Health and Safety Policy download sites and why should you buy a Health and Safety Policy from us? Well firstly, we allow you to "try before you buy" with previews of the Health and Safety Policy. Secondly, our Health and Safety Policy Templates are already set up for specific occupations. This means you know exactly what you are getting.

The first thing to tell you about our Health and Safety Policy Template is that it is fully compliant with UK Health and Safety law as it applied to a Health and Safety Policy. We are also members of the Institute of Occupational Health and Safety and make every effort to keep the Health and Safety Policy templates up to date. We recognise that engaging consultants to write a Health and Safety Policy is expensive. Therefore we created this Industry/Occupation specific Health and Safety Policy Template that you simply tailor to suit your activities. There are over 90 different Health and Safety Policy templates listed below and the list is growing. Once you have customised and tailored your chosen Health and Safety Policy and adhere to the chosen control measures in the Health and Safety Policy, you should be fully compliant and your Health and Safety Policy will be accepted by Inspectors, Insurance Companies, Safety Reps, etc.


You may have many questions regarding a Health and Safety Policy in general and also about our Health and Safety Policy Templates. Please click HERE or on the tab titled "FAQ" to the left of the screen to see our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers. If your question is not in our FAQ section then you can always email Derek directly on or even call on +353863838266.


 Ordering and Downloading a Health and Safety Policy Template is pretty straightforward. Simply click on the link below, fill out a short order form, pay using any Credit Card, then download your chosen Health and Safety Policy Template.


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Current list of available Health and Safety Policies

  • Access Control and Doors   -   Preview  
  • Adult Education Centre   -   Preview  
  • Adventure Centre   -   Preview 
  • Air Conditioning   -   Preview  
  • Alarms and CCTV   -   Preview  
  • Apartment Management Company   -   Preview 
  • Angling Club   -   Preview
  • Archaeology   -   Coming soon
  • Bakery   -  Preview  
  • Beauty Salon   -   Preview   
  • Builder (small to medium)   -   Preview  
  • Builders Providers or Hardware   -   Preview 
  • Brick or Block laying   -   Preview  
  • Butcher   -   Preview 
  • Cabinets, Kitchen Workshop   -   Preview  
  • Carpenter   -   Preview  
  • Catering, Mobile Van, Trailer, etc.   -   Preview  
  • Chimney Sweep   -   Preview  
  • Coach and Bus hire   -   Preview  
  • Community Centre   -   Preview   
  • Commercial Diving   -   Coming soon  
  • Commercial vehicle sales and workshop   -   Preview  
  • Consulting Engineer   -   Coming soon 
  • Consultant, Management Training, etc.   -   Preview 
  • Contract Cleaner   -   Preview   
  • Counselling and Rehabilitation centres   -   Preview 
  • Crash Repairs and Spray Painting   -   Preview  
  • Creche (incl After School and Daycare)   -   Preview 
  • Data Centre (with FM200)   -   Preview 
  • Dentist   -   Preview  
  • Distribution Warehouse   -   Preview 
  • Door and Event Security   -   Preview
  • Doors and Windows installation and maintenance    -   Preview   
  • Drycleaners   -   Preview
  • Electrician   -   Preview    
  • Employment Agency, Healthcare   -   Preview  
  • Employment Agency, General   -  Preview   
  • Energy Assessor   -   Preview 
  • Event Management   -   Preview  
  • Farrier   -   Coming soon  
  • Fencing errecting (incl Razor Wire)   -   Preview   
  • Film Production (or audio visual) Company   -   Preview   
  • Fitter, turner, light engineering   -   Preview    
  • Flooring and tiling   -   Preview    
  • Funeral Director   -   Preview     
  • Garden Centre   -   Preview 
  • Gas Fires, Boilers & renewable energy   -   Preview   
  • Glass collection for recycling   -   Preview  
  • Golf Club   -   Preview    
  • GP Surgery & Small Clinic   -   Preview 
  • Hairdressing and Beauty   -   Preview  
  • Haulage, General   -   Preview     
  • Haulage, Sand, Gravel, Concrete   -   Preview 
  • Hotel or small guest house   -   Preview  
  • Indoor Market   -   Preview 
  • Insulation (Bead, SPF, Cladding, Loft, etc.)   -   Preview 
  • IT Provider   -   Preview  
  • Landscape Gardening   -   Preview 
  • Light Industrial   -   Preview 
  • Marble polishing   -   Preview 
  • Mech Elec and General services   -  Preview
  • Mechanic and Auto repair   -   Preview  
  • Motor Sales and light Workshop   -   Preview 
  • Mushroom Growing   -   Preview 
  • Nursing home   -   Preview 
  • Office and Admin   -   Preview   
  • Painter and Decorator   -   Preview 
  • Pest Control   -   Preview   
  • Petrol Station including Emergency Plans   -   Preview 
  • Pharmacy   -   Preview 
  • Plant hire and civil works   -   Preview 
  • Plastering   -   Preview 
  • Plumber   -   Preview 
  • Printers or printing company   -   Preview 
  • Project Manager small construction   -   Preview 
  • Public House   -   Preview 
  • Renewable energy &General Services   -   Preview 
  • Restaurant   -   Preview 
  • Retail Boutique   -   Preview  
  • Retail non food , white goods, etc.   -   Preview 
  • Roadside vehicle breakdown service   -   Preview 
  • Sandwich Bar (incl Delis)   -   Preview 
  • Scaffolding   -   Preview 
  • Self build project management   -   Preview 
  • Shellfish supply and harvesting   -   Preview 
  • Sign design and installation   -   Preview 
  • Small Hotel or Guest House   -   Preview 
  • Sport ground or club   -   Preview 
  • Structural steel supply and errect   -   Preview 
  • Stud Farm   -   Preview 
  • Student accommodation management   -   Preview 
  • Super Market (small to mid sized)   -   Preview 
  • Swimming Pools and Lifeguarding   -   Preview 
  • Taxi company   -   Preview 
  • Tomato growing in glasshouses   -   Preview 
  • Transport of General Goods incl Haz, mainly HGV   -   Preview
  • Transport of refrigerated goods, incl smart reefers   -   Preview 
  • Tyre sales and fitting   -   Preview 
  • Veterinary Practice   -   Preview 
  • Waste collection, non hazardous   -   Preview 

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